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      The Hospital Lam Wah Ee Kids Fitness Club  

The Hospital Lam Wah Ee Kids Fitness Club spearheaded by Dr. Adele Tan (Senior Consultant Paediatrician) aims to tackle this important issue head on. The working committee of this club includes our in house Chief Dietician, Chief Physiotherapist, Paediatric Nurses and volunteers.

Aim: Motivate all kids in general and overweight kids in particular to achieve a healthy lifestyle through participation in fun and engaging fitness activities.


Members will be engaged in our programme which will be updated on a annual basis.
    1. Structured programme throughout the year guided by the opportunity for members to have an interactive discourse with committee members through a website and Whatsapp group.

    2. Monitoring of progress of weight reduction and health through self-appraisal and at quarterly meets in Lam Wah Ee hospital

Proposed activities include:

    1. Guided shopping trips to buy healthy food and drinks
    2. Fitness boot camps
    3. Hospital visits to see for themselves the devastating consequences of obesity related diseases like diabetes, strokes and heart diseases
    4. Field trips with emphasis on back to nature activities
    5. Exercise camps
    6. Promote greater awareness of obesity and obesity related disease through workshops and public talks.
    7. Publicity campaigns to disseminate information and educate the community at large

For a start, membership is open to primary school children but we hope to open membership to adolescents in the near future.

Obesity is not solely about genetics or overeating. Genetics may play a part but genetic predisposition can be modified favourably by environmental factors.
Members of the club will be educated and motivated to eat right and have an active lifestyle engaging in sports, exercise and outdoor activities with family support and active participation.

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