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Located on the 7th floor, Lam Wah Ee Health Screening Centre provides customized health screening programmes for your health management solutions.

Embracing the latest technology, we focus on providing accurate, efficient and caring services for all our customers.

Our Health care plan consists of Basic Package, Essential Package and Enhanced Package and other optional tests as required.

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Health Care Medical Package



Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Exercise Stress Test
Chest X-Ray
Upper Abdomen Ultrasound
Physical Examination
Healthy Dietary and Lifestyle Advice by Dietitian
Follow-up Consultation for Report Review
Personalized Medical Report
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Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Optional Screening Tests Local Patient Foreign Patient
Anti - HIV I & HIV II RM28.00 RM28.00
VDRL RM17.00 RM17.00
HEPATITIS A lgG RM36.00 RM36.00
Glaucoma Screening RM160.00 RM160.00
Lung Cancer Screening
- CT Thorax
RM400.00 RM400.00
Lung Function Analysis RM176.00 RM176.00
3D Digital Mammogram
-Female > 40 yrs
RM90.00 RM90.00
DEXA Bone Scan (Hip and Spine) - > 50 yrs RM130.00 RM130.00
Pap Smear + Ultrasound Pelvis by Consultant Gynaecologist RM120.00 RM120.00
Stool for Occult Blood RM17.00 RM17.00
Healthy Dietary and Lifestyle
Advice by Dietitian
RM30.00 RM35.00
Body Composition Analysis RM30.30 RM30.30
Cancer Markets Local Patient Foreign Patient
Tumour Marker CA 15.3
(screening for breast tumour)
RM55.00 RM55.00
Tumour Marker CA 125
(screening for ovary tumour)
RM55.00 RM55.00
Tumour Marker CA 19.9
(screening for pancreas tumour)
RM55.00 RM55.00
Carcinoembryonic Antigen CEA
(screening for colon tumour)
RM50.00 RM50.00
Alpha Feto Protein
(screening for liver tumour)
RM22.00 RM22.00
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)
(screening for prostate tumour)
RM70.00 RM70.00

Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Health Screening Centre

At Lam Wah Ee Health Screening Centre, it is our aim to make your experience with us comfortable and satisfying.


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